[Singapore] 31% Cashback on $10 Grab Promo Codes @ Fuzzie [Temporarily Out of Stock]

[Singapore] 31% Cashback on $10 Grab Promo Codes @ Fuzzie [Temporarily Out of Stock]

Last Updated:

  • 13 January 2019 – I was alerted to Fuzzie again by a reader today that Fuzzie may now be well and truly “dead”. The signs aren’t good – the jackpot seems to be inactive, and as an example (as provided by the reader), “Mr Punch and Ko Chi Bar are closed, and Krispy no longer accepts Fuzzie”. You can probably consider this app dormant/dead, similar to how MilesLife suffered a sudden collapse.
  • 3 June 2019 – This has now expired/sold out, and for the first time that I’ve ever noticed, Fuzzie is out of stock of Grab promo codes!
  • 18 May 2019 – Cashback now increased to 31%. They are now including 2x jackpot entries instead of 1x. Based on wording in the email, I get the impression the $10 Grab promo codes are valid until 9 June, 2019, and that this 31% cashback is possibly also valid for the same period of time. Clearing out stock, I guess? Deal rating remains the same. 1% isn’t enough to move the dial and I have always considered the jackpot ticket to be a bonus more than an actual part of the deal.
  • 12 May 2019 – The cashback rate has now increased to 30%. The wording is “to make way for Fuzzie Club launch!” Unknown as to how long this is around for, but note that this still comes with the jackpot ticket. Despite the quirks of how the Fuzzie app works, I’d confidently say that this is now comfortably the best deal for the $10 one. At 20%, it was arguable, but at 30% there isn’t too much question about it. Updated deal rating to 8/10 (from 7.5/10) to reflect the updated 30% cashback.
  • 9 May 2019 – The cashback rate for the $10 Grab promo code has been increased to 20%. I do not know how long this is valid for or when this change was made, but this is certainly good news. I would still pick buying from Shopee at 20% off if available, but Shopee’s consistent discount seems to be 14% off. I have updated the commentary below to match this increased cashback rate.

Disclaimer: This post contains a referral. Using the referral code wayne5428 gives you $5 Fuzzie Credit to put towards a future purchase (with no minimum spend). I will also get $5 Fuzzie Credit after you use the code and spend a total of $25+. In the interest of full transparency, I have the ability to see the name of those who have used my referral to sign up.

Deal Rating: 8/10 – The Fuzzie app has quite a nice, sleek interface. 30% off Grab promo codes is pretty good. Nonetheless, I elaborate on the pros and cons of the two methods (Shopee vs Fuzzie) below.

My last post was about how to get 10-20% off Grab Promo codes from Shopee.

This time I’m talking about how to get 30% off Grab Promo codes via Fuzzie. Fuzzie is an app that specialises in selling discounted Gift Cards. Some notable Gift Cards they sell are:

  • Cathay Cineplexes (35% cashback, currently sold out) – but GrabPay at $9.50 any time, or Mastercards at $8.50 weekdays is probably a better option anyway.
  • Deliveroo (6% cashback, currently sold out)
  • foodpanda (6% cashback, currently sold out)
  • Grab (12% 30% cashback)
  • Lazada (8% cashback, currently sold out)
  • Qoo10 (3% cashback, currently sold out)
  • Shopee (6% cashback, currently sold out) – as at 12 May 2019, I have still never seen these in stock…!

It’s kinda funny/odd how everything but Grab is currently sold out. I actually haven’t seen Grab out of stock since I first found out about this about a month ago.

I’ve highlighted Grab and Shopee as these are the focuses, and it’s also just clicked with me that you could buy Shopee Gift Cards from Fuzzie and then use these Fuzzie Gift Cards to buy Grab promo codes off Shopee! This makes the method of buying direct from Fuzzie somewhat less attractive than purchasing from Shopee, especially if you’re able to just buy Shopee vouchers and use them to purchase Grab vouchers. Nonetheless, there are still pros and cons which I’ll elaborate on below.

A purchase of a Grab $10 promo code also gets you a “lucky jackpot ticket”. The ticket gives you a chance of winning up to $4,000 cash. It’s actually a pretty interesting initiative and it’s certainly not a bad thing (for us).. but I can’t quite figure out why they’re doing it, other than to just stimulate demand/excitement? I can’t imagine they’re making so much off selling discounted gift cards that they’d be able to fund this jackpot initiative by themselves. You select 4 digits and it supposedly matches the official 4D numbers.

Here is why using Fuzzie to purchase Grab gift cards is better than using Shopee to buy Grab gift cards:

  • It is a fixed, stable and consistent 12% cashback (now 30% since 12 May 2019 – but for how long?). It’s been stable for at least since ~March 2019, which can be higher than Shopee if Shopee only has sellers selling promo codes at ~10% off. At 30%, it is comprehensively higher than the discount on Shopee.
  • It is available to use instantly
  • It feels more “official” than Shopee. I say this because Shopee is a collection of sellers, whereas the impression I get from Fuzzie is that you’re literally buying from one dedicated platform that is dedicated to selling discounted gift cards. Having said that, the prominent sellers of Grab promo codes on Shopee are Shopee “Mall” merchants, which seems to have an extra backing by Shopee to vouch for their authenticity. This is something “standard” Shopee sellers don’t have.
  • It gives you a chance to win cash via the Jackpot
  • I’ve purchased 4x Grab promo codes and they all seem to have a consistent expiry of 3 months. The ones I’ve purchased on Shopee seem to fluctuate, depending on the stock of the seller. Regardless, the Grab promo codes from Shopee tended to be valid for less than 3 months.

And here is why Fuzzie is worse than Shopee:

  • At the time of writing, Fuzzie only sells $10 Grab promo codes. This is less flexible, and means you can’t buy a $5, $8, $15, $20, $25 promo code, which may actually suit your habits better.
  • You have to top up your Fuzzie wallet first. The minimum top up is $30. This presents another level of inflexibility, however, is a moot point if you’re confident you’ll use the app enough.
  • The 12% “discount” (now 30%) is actually a cashback which gets added to your Fuzzie credit balance immediately after purchase. Paying $10 and getting $3 to spend next time is not quite the same as paying $7 for something that typically costs $10.
  • Buying the Grab promo code directly from Fuzzie deprives you of the opportunity to stack a discount by buying a Shopee gift voucher from Fuzzie instead, which could then be used to purchase a Grab promo code. However, from having checked a few times, I’ve never seen the Shopee vouchers in-stock within the Fuzzie app.
  • Seems to have more limited stock? However, I say this based on unavailability of other promo codes, and the consistent availability (from my experience) of sellers selling Grab promo codes via Shopee. Yet – I’ve never seen the Grab promo codes out of stock on Fuzzie.

In summary, Fuzzie offers a pretty seamless/quick way of purchasing Grab promo codes with a consistent cashback and with a simple, easy to understand product.

Is it better than Shopee? Tough to say, but it’s certainly quicker because it’s available instantly. If you have a bit of time, I’d recommend buying it off Shopee because it’s more likely to have sellers selling at a greater discount, and it also gives you the chance to buy Shopee Gift Cards from Fuzzie (if they have stock) to then use for a purchase of a Grab Promo Code on Shopee. With a 30% cashback, I would recommend buying it from Fuzzie. If, however, you frequently take rides of $20+, the $15/20 promo codes on Shopee might be a better option.

Oh – and no additional cashback on Fuzzie via ShopBack/Rebate Mango, unfortunately!

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