About Me

The Bulging Wallet is a resource for anyone wishing to stretch every dollar further, primarily for Singaporean readers.

The Bulging Wallet was started in August 2016, but really only started in March 2017 when I finally picked myself up and decided to get on with “the blog that I’ve always wanted to start”.

I’m a young individual living in Singapore. I lived in Sydney, Australia for 16 years of my life prior to moving to Singapore in June 2018. My motto is every dollar cent counts. I’ve lived in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia and now Singapore but am of Malaysian Chinese heritage.

Those closest to me know me for my tightassness financial awareness, especially in relation to Credit Cards, Rewards Points and so-called “Loyalty Programs”. Friends around me often approach me for advice on these topics, and I am usually more than happy to discuss. I am also a fan of Arsenal Football Club, I enjoy playing football, analysing accents, playing guitar, and singing. My favourite websites are Ozbargain and Point Hacks.

My frugality stemmed from incidents and events I experienced growing up, such as events I witnessed in my mother’s hometown of Seremban, Malaysia. Seremban is a place I visited once every two years when young. What I witnessed was my relatives struggle so hard to earn money, make a living and put food on their table for their kids. This made me realise a few things:

  • Effort does not correlate to success
  • A dollar is valuable. You can get enough food to fill you up in a country like Malaysia with the equivalent $1 AUD.
  • Malaysia is a relatively poor country and I am extremely lucky to be in Australia

My short-term goal is to share the knowledge I have acquired over the years living in Australia. The majority of the tips that I share are intended to be relatively generic, so as to cater for as large an audience as possible. In other words, I am unlikely to talk about a discounted Arsenal jersey because the target audience would be too specific. On the other hand, I’m likely to talk about how to save money on fuel and public transport.

My long-term goal is also for this to become a platform for not just myself, but other individuals to use as a collaboration space. At this stage, I have not determined how I wish for this to pan out.

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This section is my “gloat” section, where I’ll briefly discuss some of the Cards I’ve owned or deals I’ve taken advantage of.

Australian Credit Cards I have held over the years

  • Coles Mastercard Rewards
  • Coles Mastercard No Annual Fee
  • 28 Degrees
  • ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum
  • ANZ Frequent Flyer Black
  • ANZ Rewards Classic
  • NAB Velocity Platinum
  • AMEX Platinum Edge
  • AMEX Velocity Platinum
  • AMEX Explorer
  • NAB Qantas Premium
  • AMEX BMW Gold
  • AMEX Qantas Premium
  • ANZ Rewards Platinum

My Ideal Credit Card Portfolio

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