[Singapore] Xindots – 25X Reward Points – 12.5% Effective Cashback

Last Updated:

  • 20 June 2019 – This promo is finally over. At the time of writing, all merchants appear to have a 25X multiplier, which is equivalent to 12.5% effective cashback. Have updated wording throughout the post to reflect this.
  • 3 June 2019 – This has been relaunched for today from 11am-2pm as a “lunch hour deal”.
  • 1 June 2019 – This promo is now over. Now all merchants appear to be offering 25X Reward Points, or an equivalent 12.5% cashback. This is still decent, albeit obviously not as attractive as 100X/50% cashback.

[Singapore] Xindots – 25X Reward Points – 12.5% Effective Cashback

Remember Xindots? They’re still alive!

You get 25X points for every single order, with no conditions whatsoever. That means no time restrictions, no limited merchants, no limit on how many orders. This equates to 12.5% cashback.

Going back to Xindot’s Rewards Program, this promo leverages off that program. Every single merchant currently has a 25X points earn rate multiplier. Remembering that at a standard rate of 1X point per $ = 0.5% return, this equates to 12.5% return. This could go up to an effective 13.75% return for the higher value redemptions.

The redemption rates have not changed, so they are as follows:

  1. $1 Voucher = 1000 points (1000pts/$)
  2. $2 Voucher = 1800 points (900pts/$)
  3. $3 Voucher = 2700 points (900pts/$)
  4. $4 Voucher = 3600 points (900pts/$)
  5. $5 Voucher = 4500 points (900pts/$)

Some of my favourite merchants on Xindots are:

  • [Maxwell Food Centre] Somerset – They do a good Belacan Fried Rice and Mee Goreng, and are quite consistently online. This is definitely my go-to place, even when there’s no promo!
  • [Maxwell Food Centre] Ramen Taisho – Ramen is not cheap, even at a hawker centre ($6-11), but it’s definitely cheaper than an air-conditioned restaurant, and it’s effectively half price with this promo. I’ve personally tried the Black Garlic Ramen which had pretty damn nice broth!
  • [Amoy Street Food Centre] Zhen Hao Wei – They do a solid KL Soy Sauce Chicken Curry Beehoon Mee, but it is a tad spicy. Their Char Siu Rice is also pretty generous, serving-size wise! – Update: As of some time in late May/early June, I believe this place closed down. That’s a shame…
  • [Amoy Street Food Centre] Bake OF – They get a thumbs up for being one of the few merchants on the app (along with Bakery Addiction at Oxley Tower) that have cheap snacks like muffins and char siu baos! They also have some drinks and main meals.
  • [Market Street Interm Hawker Centre] Stick ’em on – Pretty funny name. They’re one of those small stalls that sells cut up fruit. Think honeydew melons, oranges, watermelons. The only place I’ve seen on Xindots that sells fruit like this.

Concluding Thoughts

To be honest, I haven’t really been using Xindots much since their previous promos. Not because the app sucks, but because their locations are not the most convenient for me. With promos like the 100X Multiplier though, it definitely does change my behaviour, because it’s still a reasonable distance away, and it’s worth travelling (a little bit) for. At 25X, less so!

In any case, I personally feel it’s still too early to fully judge Xindots in terms of how successful they are, or how successful they will be. They definitely still feel small, especially in comparison to the bigger players of FavePay and GrabPay, but their presence in the central hawker markets does not seem to be going unnoticed, and they are certainly being quite active.

Remember to use up your points, because if you don’t use them up, then this deal becomes a non-deal and there’s really nothing to it.

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