[Singapore] 10-20% Off Grab Promo Codes @ Shopee

Disclaimer: This post contains a referral. This referral gives you $10 off your first order. I earn 500 coins, but I’ve yet to figure out what 500 coins actually equates to. I think it’s worth $5.

Referral Code: ILLUM225

Last Updated: 4 April 2019 – I have realised you can purchase Shopee Gift Cards for discount via Fuzzie. This presents the opportunity to stack the promotions such that you could buy Shopee Gift cards from Fuzzie and use the Shopee Gift Cards to purchase the Grab promo code(s) from Shopee, subject to availability of the Shopee Gift Cards on Fuzzie! Deal Rating increased from 8/10 to 8.5/10 in light of this realisation.

10-20% Off Grab Promo Codes @ Shopee

Something I often say is the best way to save money is when you’re saving off non-discretionary expenses. Grab, for many (not for me, personally) is a non-discretionary expense. As such, if you were able to find a way to save on your Grab expenses, even better! First things first, I would firstly recommend you consider GrabHitch, which is usually the cheapest mode of Grab. In recent times, however, I’ve found GrabShare is sometimes cheaper than GrabHitch.

Onto this deal…

Deal Rating: 8/10 – It requires another app (Shopee) to make the purchase, but otherwise doesn’t really require anything foreign/unfamiliar. Savings vary from 10-20%.

Buying Grab Promo Codes Off Shopee

Shopee, Lazada, Qoo10. These are the online shopping platforms I’ve been mostly using during my time in Singapore. I’ve had a look on both Lazada and Qoo10, but I cannot find any Grab promo codes for sale there. In any case, I’ve decided I need to learn to split up my posts better. In my head, I’m doing a good job by writing such a long, detailed post with so much detail but I realise it can make it difficult to read and if anything, unattractive.

I’ve put 10-20% off because depending there are actually several listings by several sellers, and at the time of writing, one seller is selling promo codes at 10% off while another is selling at 14% off. These two sellers seem to always be selling on Shopee. At least I assume so, because I always see the same logo.

The denominations for sale at 14% off are:

  1. $5 for $4.30
  2. $10 for $8.60
  3. $15 for $12.90

The denominations for sale at 10% off are:

  1. $8 for $7.20
  2. $10 for $9.00
  3. $15 for $13.50

Assuming all other things are equal, no prizes for guessing which seller’s prices are more attractive…

Purchase what makes most sense for you. What I want to make clear is that this does not quite equate to 10-20% off your Grab rides, unless your Grab rides are always exactly the value of the promo codes you use.

I recently managed to buy a $10 promo code for 20% off. I was actually a little skeptical of buying it because the seller did not seem to be a well-established Grab promo code seller, unlike the two sellers above, but I made the purchase with the thinking that Shopee is a bit more regulated than a platform like Carousell.

How to Use the Codes: There are pretty clear instructions on the listings on how the promo codes are stored within your Shopee account and how to ultimately use the codes, but they are just a standard Grab promo code. There’s nothing special about them – it just goes straight into the “Promo” section!

Expiry/Exclusions: Promo codes tend to be applicable for all the main modes of Grab except for GrabHitch and expiry tends to vary, but in my experience, it tends to be valid for at least a few months from the time of purchase. Feel free to ask the seller to advise of expiry.

Availability: As far as I can see, these are available all the time. I suppose the main thing you’ll need to worry about is turnaround time, but I’ve seen these listings up for a long long time. The percentage discount does seem to fluctuate though.

Turnaround Time: I don’t know for sure, but I recall being given my promo code within 24 hours of purchase.

Concluding Thoughts

Personally, I rarely use ride-sharing apps. Even when going to the airport, I try to use the MRT because it’s so much cheaper than taking a Grab. However, if I’m with someone else or if I’ve got a fair bit of luggage, I’ll sometimes consider taking Grab instead of MRT. For this reason, my Grab rides tend to be $10+, so I usually just buy a $10 promo code every time I use one up. Of course, if you frequently take Grab rides between $5-10, you could just buy the $5 promo codes and use that. Buy what suits your lifestyle.

In addition, for all your ride-sharing needs, don’t forget about the other options that we currently have in Singapore:

  1. RYDE
  2. Go-Jek
  3. TADA
  4. Kardi
  5. URGE
  6. From April 30, FastGo from Vietnam

Pretty sure #3-5 are basically dead now, but they were an option at one point in time. I tend to find RYDE to be cheapest most of the time. When Go-Jek first started, their pricing was very competitive, but in recent times their pricing seems to be very hit and miss relative to Grab. Don’t forget, Grab is the only one that has a loyalty program, and that should be a consideration when you book your ride as well, although the rewards earned are minimal (in Singapore, at least).

I’ve also found that there are other ways to save on Grab. There’s an app called Fuzzie, which specialises in selling promo codes/gift cards, and there’s also the ability to buy discounted GrabPay credit. The last one is good – you can stack discounted GrabPay credit with promo codes! These will get their own separate/dedicated posts.

A pretty easy way of getting some discount off a service which I’m sure a reasonable proportion of the population use at least once a month. In addition, it’s pretty easy to take advantage of!

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