[Worldwide] MealPal – 5 Lunch Meals for $1, 1 Week Subscription

[EXPIRED] (Worldwide) MealPal – 5 Lunch Meals for $1, 1 Week Subscription

Last Updated:

  • 10 March 2019 – This deal has expired
  • 9 March 2019 – the deal was replaced by a less attractive 3 meals for $3, but now appears to be up again. Also, subscribe to the city with the weakest dollar to get it even cheaper, which at the time of writing, I believe is New Zealand. Make sure you change your location afterwards. Still worth it even after factoring in currency exchange fees/surcharges! You cannot redeem meals in a foreign location when you’re on a promotional subscription on MealPal!

Deal Rating: 9.5/10 – Considering the type of food you can get through MealPal, absolutely incredible deal. Even if you only redeem 1 out of your 5 meals, it’s $1 for 1 meal. Still amazing!

MealPal have launched a worldwide promo. As long as there’s MealPal in your city, this deal is applicable! I first spotted this deal on Cheapcheaplah, but then noticed it had also been posted on Ozbargain.

$0.20 per meal in any country is a bargain. Imagine getting that in Singapore/Australia/New Zealand/United States/United Kingdom, albeit only for a week!

MealPal is a subscription service that I had known about since my time in Australia, but I never got the chance to realistically use their services until I moved to Singapore, because the lunch locations were always far from places that I frequented in Sydney.

Their selling points are:

  • Book your meal advance and “skip the queue”
  • Subscribe for lunches (or dinners) in bulk and save money
  • Get a variety of food to choose from everyday, and you’ll pay less than if you were to buy these meals individually.

I’ll do a more comprehensive review of MealPal in a separate post (if there is demand), but the crux of this post is to share the deal.

Here’s what I can advise you on this deal:

  • You must use a new email address which you have not previously used with MealPal
  • You need to enter a OTP to finalise verification/activation of your account. The mobile number used can be from any country, but I do not believe you can use a number you have previously registered with MealPal to receive the OTP, otherwise you will encounter an error.
  • To get 5 meals for $1, you must use the link from either Cheapcheaplah or Ozbargain (it’s apparently the same link). Alternatively, MealPal’s Facebook page should have an advert for this promotion. See below for a screenshot of where the link is on Cheapcheaplah’s page.

  • Your subscription starts immediately and this deal does not have a set end date. Because there is no end date and because of the ridiculous price, I’d recommend you get onto it as soon as possible. This deal was also on last year, at least in Australia.
  • As a general reminder, you can only redeem on weekdays, and you must pre-book your meal from 5pm the day before your intended lunch day, or by 10:30am on the same day as lunch

Want to Change MealPal Location?

After registering, you should see this if the kitchen for your selected city hasn’t opened yet…

Click on “Change your location”

Select the MealPal city you wish to change to

If the kitchen has opened, you should see a list of your food options. There should also be a dropdown menu which says “Select your Neighbourhood”. If you cannot see this, you may need to click on “Filters” to expand these options.

It should look like this:

Updated: 4 April 2019 – I realised that you cannot redeem a meal in a different city to the one you subscribed to when you’re on a promotional subscription. I personally tried this out and was given a very clear error message communicating this. I will leave the screenshot and text above up for reference purposes.

How to Cancel your Subscription

You’re reading this because you want 5x meals for $1 right? If that’s the case, make sure you cancel your subscription, otherwise you will be automatically charged once your 1 week subscription finishes. You’ll most likely be charged north of $90, so you definitely want to make sure you take action in time.

Here’s how. These instructions are for how to cancel on desktop (as opposed to mobile).

Click on “My Account”

Click “Change Plan for Next Cycle”

Click “Hold or Cancel My Account”

Click “I’d like to hold or cancel” (didn’t you click that on the previous screen?)

You can’t accuse them of not trying…

Keep going..

and keep going… I would recommend you pick a realistic reason – it’s the only way businesses can improve (from genuine/real feedback, that is!)

Final attempt.. will it work if we throw in photos?

Done! Finally.

Worried by the $19 re-activation fee? Personally, it doesn’t worry me much. Because:

  • You could probably sign up using another email/number
  • If anything, it is a deterrence from you re-activating your account which affects them
  • Unless you absolutely love MealPal, nothing too much to worry about. It’s a competitive market and you will probably always have options.

Finally – are you even allowed to have multiple accounts?

You probably aren’t. I don’t know of a single app/service that openly declares “multiple accounts are allowed”. It would make no sense to encourage this kind of behaviour, but in my opinion, the “gamification” that some users (like me) engage in is part and parcel of running a business, and it should be factored into their business model. It’s necessary to allocate resources into plugging loopholes (not sure if they even consider this a loophole?)

If this results in them stopping this promotion, then so be it. It’s a risk that I’ll always have to be willing to take when sharing the details of promotions.

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