2000 Woolworths Rewards Points ($10) for Purchasing a $100 EFTPOS Gift Card from Woolworths

Firstly, this deal actually just finished last night, so I apologise in advance for that. However, I’m still going to post it as this can be considered an educational piece for any future similar deals.

I skipped posting last week – I don’t intend to make this a habit but there might be some changes coming up with my blog which have somewhat contributed to this. I’ll elaborate on this at some point in time in the future!

This is a pretty similar deal to the one I posted recently for Coles.. but this time it’s actually even better, and I’m going to explain why. Again, this was posted on Ozbargain.

I’m not going to explain all the benefits of the card because they’re covered in the recent Coles deal post. Instead, I’ll talk about what makes this deal better.

Here’s why this deal is better:

  • The previous deal was limited to one deal per FlyBuys card.
  • This deal is limited to 5 per customer. It’s in the fine print. That’s 5x the limit of the Coles deal. This means your capacity to “save” or “benefit” from this deal is 5x greater than the previous one.
  • The “5 per customer” limit is actually a “fairness” limit. The cards you buy from this deal will all earn you the 2000 bonus Rewards points.
  • Combining discounted eGift Cards with this deal, your effective saving is ~8.9% everywhere EFTPOS is accepted. This is calculated by discounting $106.95 by 5%, and then factoring in the 2000 Woolworths Rewards points (worth $10, or $9.50 factoring in the fact that Woolworths Gift Cards at 5% off are readily available 24/7)
    • If you factor in a potential 7% discount you could get by purchasing these from me, the effective discount becomes ~10.04% where EFTPOS is accepted (following the same calculations above).
  • You actually earn 2140 Woolworths Points from each transaction – why you earn 2140 Woolworths Rewards Points and not 2106 baffles me though. My assumption would be that you’d earn 2000 Woolworths Rewards Points as a promotional bonus + 106 points for the $106.95 you have to spend to buy the card
  • Woolworths are generally more lenient than Coles when it comes to paying for Gift Cards with Gift Cards (such as discounted eGift Cards). I don’t know whether this is limited to the areas I’ve tried to purchase Gift Cards with Gift Cards in (Inner West Sydney), or whether this is consistent across the entire brand.

And, here’s why this deal is worse:

  • Some Woolworths stores still stock the older $100 EFTPOS Gift Cards which had a $5.95 activation fee. Sounds like a good thing, doesn’t it? Watch out – the system doesn’t give you the 2000 Rewards Points.
  • Because this deal doesn’t really have a limit, it’ll be harder to find stock of these cards. This is usually the case for these deals without a limit.

There’s actually another similar deal at Coles starting today. 2000 FlyBuys points for a $100 Coles Gift Mastercard. Net saving ~5%, but again as I mentioned, my experience with Coles is that they’re much stricter than Woolworths when it comes to buying Gift Cards with Gift Cards. In addition, there’s a limit of 2000 FlyBuys points once per FlyBuys card (which they call “per household”). The only benefit of this deal is that the card is a Mastercard, so this can be used for online purchases. It can also be used to top up a DiviPay card.

If you want me to do a post on this deal specifically, happy to do one. I’ll only do it based on feedback/requests though, otherwise I’ll leave that here. This Coles deal is similar to the previous Coles deal for EFTPOS Gift Cards.

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