3000 Points for adding an American Express Supplementary Cardholder

3000 Points for adding an American Express Supplementary Cardholder (over the phone!)

This is a deal that comes around every now and then. This deal is available until the end of May, and guess where I first knew about it? Yep, Ozbargain. I recall seeing this sort of deal about 3-4 times over the last few years.

Here are the steps to obtain this deal:

  1. Call AMEX on the number on the back of your AMEX card
  2. Ask them if there is a bonus for adding a Supplementary Cardholder. They should say, “Yes. 3000 points for any cardholder you add before the end of the month.”
  3. Advise that you wish to add a Supplementary Cardholder. They will ask for details.
  4. Await the supplementary card in the mail, and receive 3000 points shortly.

Ok, you might have some questions now. Here are some questions and answers that I’ve prepared to answer what I think will be some commonly asked questions:

  • Q: Is this for Bank-issued (e.g. Commonwealth Bank) or direct-issued American Express cards?
  • A: Direct-issued American Express Cards only. The only remaining bank to issue their own American Express cards is Commonwealth Bank. Westpac were the last to cut it, but they now issue a card with their branding through AMEX. The Westpac cards are considered “direct-issued”.

  • Q: 3000 what points?

  • A: Of the points of whatever program your card is enrolled into. That means you’ll get 3000 Qantas points for a card that ordinarily earns you Qantas points, or 3000 Velocity points for a card that ordinarily earns you Velocity points.

  • Q: Who can be a supplementary cardholder?

  • A: Anyone over the age of 18

  • Q: What ID is required?

  • A: They usually ask for driver licence/passport. It shouldn’t matter what visa they are on.

  • Q: What are the advantages of having supplementary cards?

  • A: I’ve previously posted about this. Click here for more information.

  • Q: Can I get the 3000 points for supplementary cards added online?

  • A: Nope. Phone only.

  • Q: How many times can I get the 3000 points?

  • A: Once per card account. This means if you’ve got an AMEX Platinum Edge and an AMEX Explorer, you should be able to get 2 lots of 3000 points

  • Q: I’m above the age of 18. Can’t I just get myself (as the primary cardholder) a supplementary card?

  • A: Ordinarily not. It is hypothetically possible, but chances are the customer service representative will tell you, “you’ve just given me your own details. I can’t issue you a supplementary card in your own name”.

  • Q: I don’t really have any family members who I can issue supplementary cards to. What can I do?

  • A: You could hypothetically issue it in the name of a friend. However, I would strongly recommend you ask for their permission prior to doing this. Having a supplementary card doesn’t really affect the person it’s issued for, because the responsibility for paying off the bills still lies with you and it doesn’t require any credit checks, but it can still be a little unnerving knowing someone else technically has a Credit Card with your name on it.

Any questions? Feel free to ask away!

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