ServoTrack [NSW] – Search for Cheap Petrol Around You

ServoTrack [NSW] – Search for Cheap Petrol Around You

Firstly, disclaimer – this is an app created by a friend. I was approached by him to see if I was willing to post about his app, and if there’s value of course I have no issue with it!

Ever set off on a drive and found you’re low on petrol? I’m sure we’ve all been in that situation…

Driving around for cheap petrol is a bit counter-productive. You’re wasting fuel getting cheap fuel, which at best, is generally no more than 5c/L cheaper.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean it’s never worth it. It really depends on how much cheaper it is. For me, personally, as stupid and irrational as it sounds, I get the joy of knowing that I got it a bit cheaper by driving an extra 2km. Don’t follow my example though…

Anyway, onto the main part of this post.

This is where an app like ServoTrack comes into the picture.

ServoTrack (Android/iOS) comes in a paid and a free version. The paid version allows you to see local trends, get price alerts, map out the cheapest stations along your route, save favourites + more.

ServoTrack is good for:

  • Frequent drivers: truck drivers, delivery drivers, Uber drivers
  • People who wish to keep a close eye on petrol prices
  • Price sensitive people, who always want the cheapest deal (hmm, sounds like my blog..)

Now, I am well aware that there are alternatives to ServoTrack such as Fuel Check NSW (which I will probably blog about at some time in the future), but I’m going to use this post to talk about the differences.

ServoTrack vs Fuel Check:

  • Combines Diesel and Premium Diesel (and E10/U91) – truck drivers etc. complain that it’s frustrating having the diesel categories split.
  • Limit the number of search results – so you can see the cheapest stations over a larger area in the map view
  • Radius search – instead of searching everywhere in the map window
  • See the price history of a service station – for those who are curious or want to know what a good price is for that particular service station
  • See local price trends
    • Important as prices may go up quicker or slower depending on where you live.
    • Trends are also relevant for people living in Country NSW – trends published elsewhere usually focus on Sydney Metro, which is completely irrelevant for people in Country. Each region in Country NSW can also vary quite significantly.
  • Get notifications when prices have started increasing – there is no guarantee that prices will drop below a preset amount (like in FuelCheck), instead you would want to fill up while there is still a cheap station around.
  • Price widget for Android users – easily check prices for a station without entering the app

Have you got any experience using ServoTrack? Feel free to comment below!

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