Jetstar Price Beat Guarantee – Even Cheaper Airfares

Jetstar Price Beat Guarantee – Cheaper Airfares for You!

The Jetstar Price Beat Guarantee is similar to Price Beat of other merchants. An example of a pretty well known Australian business that price beats is Officeworks. It’s important to understand the difference between price beating and price matching.

Jetstar’s offering gives you a 10% discount off a competitor’s advertised price if you choose to fly with Jetstar instead.

Price beating refers to looking at the price charged for the same product by a competitor and then offering an additional discount.

Price matching refers to looking at the price charged for the same product by a competitor and then offering to sell it to you for the same price – i.e. there’s not a strong incentive to go around price matching, but there’s a strong reason to price beat.

Jetstar’s Price Beat Guarantee is a way to make cheap fares even cheaper. Jetstar are often cheap as it is, but there are times you might find a competitor airline that’s even cheaper. The price beat is available on all Jetstar flights. This means:

  • Jetstar Australia
  • Jetstar New Zealand
  • Jetstar Pacific (Vietnam)
  • Jetstar Japan
  • Jetstar Asia (Singapore)

There are slightly different rules around how price beats can take place, but the important points are:

  • The competitor flight and Jetstar flight you wish to take must be departing within one hour of each other for flights:
    • Within Asia (e.g. KUL-SIN on Jetstar Asia)
    • Domestic Flights within Australia and New Zealand (e.g. SYD-MEL, AKL-WLG)
    • Between Australia and New Zealand (e.g. SYD-AKL)
  • The competitor lfight and Jetstar flight you wish to take must be departing within the same calendar day for all other International Flights (e.g. MEL-SIN)
  • The Jetstar flight must be more than 7 calendar days away from the time you are making the booking.

Provided you meet all the criteria, Jetstar will charge you 10% less than the comparable price you’ve found on the competitor’s airline.

For example, if you’ve found a Tiger Airways for $100 for SYD-MEL departing at 8:30pm, and you wish to book a Jetstar flight priced at $150 also for SYD-MEL departing at 9:25pm, you can use the $100 price to “beat” the $150 price, and you’ll actually end up paying $90.

As an added bonus, you avoid Credit Card surcharges by price beating.

Other Relevant Tips

  • You can use a cheaper Jetstar fare to beat Jetstar’s own prices. This means if you find a Jetstar fare on a third party website for cheaper than Jetstar are charging themselves, you can
  • Generally speaking (from personal experience), price beating against a discounted price from the use of coupon codes does not affect your ability to price beat
  • If you price beat with a fare that included check-in baggage, check-in baggage will not be automatically included and will need to be paid for separately if you want it.
    • This has recently changed. Previously, if the competitor offered check-in luggage for the quoted price, it would automatically be included.
  • Want competition? Don’t use this price beat. It’s pretty anti-competitive behaviour.
    • Competition is supposed to be a good thing for us consumers. If we continually take advantage of price beats like these, what happens? In the long run, it simply means no one flies with Tiger (as an example), Jetstar have successfully “destroyed” a competitor and Jetstar now have a monopoly. This means no more price beats, and more expensive fares because there’s no competitor!
    • This means Price Beat Guarantees are good in the short-term (you save money!) but bad in the long run.
    • I’m not here to advise you on what to do, really. I’m just giving you a heads up on something you may not have thought about 🙂
  • Do you want even more discount? Use discounted Woolworths eGift Cards to buy Jetstar Gift Cards from Woolworths
    • These Gift Cards come in fixed denominations ($50, $100) so you may have to pay the differnce, or overpay (and remember to use it for a future booking) to ensure maximum discount
  • You do not get Frequent Flyer or Status Points with these fares as they are “Starter Fares”

Any experiences or tips to share with Jetstar Price Beats? Feel free to leave a comment!

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