ZeroMobile – Unlimited Calls, Text, Data for $60/mth

ZeroMobile – Unlimited Calls, Texts and Data for $60/mth


Deal Rating: 6.5/10 – It’s a good deal, but for specific people in specific circumstances. If you’ve already got a plan, this requires some admin work to transfer.

ZeroMobile currently have a promotion on an unlimited everything plan for $60/mth (usually $70/mth). Here are the highlights of what you do (and don’t) get:

  • Promotion available until 31 July
  • Unlimited Calls, SMSs and Data with no speed capping (i.e. won’t slow down your internet speed after certain usage, unlike other telcos)
  • “Tethering not supported” – but do they enforce this?
  • No Roaming available – i.e. if you go overseas, you have no option to turn on your Singapore SIM, even if you’re willing to pay
  • No contract/lock-in period
  • Ability to bring cost down to $0/mth ($5 discount per month per person you refer, capped at the cost of your plan)

Read on for a bit more detail!

ZeroMobile – Unlimited Calls, Texts and Data for $60/mth

I visited ZeroMobile’s website yesterday to see if they had released any new plans. They didn’t, but I noticed a fairly large banner promoting something.

$60/mth for unlimited calls, texts and data on their Zero X plan, whcih is usually $70/mth.

Ok, it’s technically $59.95/mth down from $69.95/mth, but we all know that those 5 cents are shaved off for marketing purposes so the price can sit in a lower bracket of tens.

I’m going to ignore the unlimited text component, because it’s not exactly the most sought after feature anymore, given the widespread use of apps like WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, etc.

Unlimited calls – A great inclusion because this is not exactly “standard” in Singapore.

Unlimited data – This is the real highlight. No speed capping. Unlimited data is probably (hopefully?) the way of the future, given year on year, our data consumption only increases. Just check out this graph! In a couple of years, this may not be considered cheap, but it certainly is at this point in time.

They even posted their own comparison to compare their plan to other $60/mth plans, and other Unlimited plans in the market.


To be fair, I do think there’s one telco/option that could give ZeroMobile a run for their money.

Circles.Life – $48/mth for 24GB. I posted about these guys before. Specifically about their $0/mth option.

I know it says 26GB, but I’m saying 24GB because you need to have ported a number in to get the extra 2GB/mth.

24GB is not unlimited, but I would bet for the majority of people, 24GB is sufficient for month-to-month use. If you only care about data, 24GB for $48/mth is cheap.

Their inclusions for calls are quite poor (100 mins), with incoming calls also being counted towards that quota, charged in 30 second blocks. SMS? None included – but not expensive ($0.05 per SMS).

ZeroMobile’s comparison page suggests that Circles.Life plan costs $60/mth, which is not false in the context of their comparison, but it only costs $60/mth if you add 250 SMS for $10/mth and unlimited incoming calls for $2/mth ($28 base plan + $20 for 20GB + $10 for 250 SMSes + $2 incoming calls = $60). If you only care about data, it’s really not $60/mth.

Don’t ignore the fact that Circles.Life gives you flexibility. If you know you’re not going to be using much data in a given month, take off your $20/mth for 20GB add-on and stick to 4GB for $28/mth. The ability to add and remove such packages can come in handy.

So in conclusion, I’ll say the following. If you:

  • Use less than 24GB/mth
  • Need roaming as an option
  • Don’t make many calls
  • Want some flexibility with your plan, if you know that you often spend large chunks of certain months away

Then consider Circles.Life for $48/mth as a cheaper option.

Yes, there’s Zero1 with “unlimited” for $30/mth, but it’s speed capped beyond 3GB.

There’s MyRepublic with “Boundless data” starting from $35/mth, but that’s speed capped beyond 7GB/month.

I am actually not familiar with how slow their capped speeds are in practice, so if it turns out that Zero1’s capped speed is not that slow, it could actually be an option to consider!

Sign up before 31 July to get it for $60/mth, otherwise it increases to $70/mth. I have no referral for this one. I’m just sharing a good deal 🙂

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