[Guide] Save money on your Opal Card Top Up and Petrol


Purchasing eGift Cards for Woolworths from Cashrewards at 5% off is available 24/7. It usually arrives in your Inbox within a few hours of purchasing, so it’s a quick and easy way to save you some money off non-discretionary expenditure, such as topping up your Opal Card, or pumping petrol at Caltex/Woolworths.

Here are the rough steps to purchase an eGift Card from Cashrewards.

  1. Sign up for a Cashrewards account here
  2. Login and go to Cashrewards homepage and type “woolworths” in the search bar
  3. Look for “Woolworths Gift Cards” with a button saying “Save 5.00%” – click on the “Shop Now” button
  4. Select “eGift Cards”, and then enter the value of the eGift Card you wish to purchase and the quantity
  5. Enter in your personal details and most importantly, email address
  6. Pay for the eGift Card
  7. Receive the eGift Card in your email in a few hours, add it to your Woolworths Money app
  8. Make payments at participating stores – everything you’ve paid for including petrol at Caltex/Woolworths and Opal Top ups can now all be considered to be 5% off.

I also sell Woolworths eGift Cards for 7% off. I purchase them using the method outlined above, and am paying the 2% difference for the purpose of earning Credit Card points.

If you wish to purchase them off me, please use the Contact form on The Bulging Wallet to discuss options!

Read on for the full guide including screenshots.

[Guide] 5% off Opal Card Top Up, Petrol all the time

This is a continuation of this post. As promised, I would write a step-by-step guide on how to purchase these Woolworths eGift Cards for 5% off 24/7. This guide is designed for purchases using Chrome browser on a Windows PC, which should suffice regardless of which operating system or browser you are using. The steps for doing this on a mobile device are extremely similar.

eGift Cards are extremely versatile as they can be used to purchase almost anything at Woolworths. It is particularly convenient because:

  • It doesn’t require too much pre-planning – the eGift Cards typically arrive within 3 hours of purchase
  • It doesn’t add clutter to your wallet – helps de-bulge your wallet, in fact
  • Convenient for times when you want a housemate to buy some milk on the way home – simply provide them with the details of your eGift Card as a screenshot over WhatsApp so they can pay with that!
  • Provides you with an effective permanent 5% off all purchases at participating stores. Most notably, discounted Opal Card or transport costs, petrol at Caltex/Woolworths, and alcohol at BWS or Dan Murphy’s.
  • Can (from a system point of view) also be used to pay for other Gift Cards at Woolworths, such as iTunes, Skype, Facebook, Freedom Furniture, Event Cinemas, Hoyts, JB Hi-Fi which can be seen as giving you an effective 5% off at these stores – but just be aware that the T&Cs of the card do say you can’t pay for Gift Cards with Gift Cards.

Woolworths eGift Cards are useable at:

  • Woolworths
  • Big W
  • Dan Murphy’s
  • BWS
  • Caltex/Woolworths Petrol Stations
  • Thomas Dux
  • Cellarmasters

1. Sign up for a Cashrewards Account

Follow this referral link to the sign-up page, and type in your email address.

Cashrewards Sign-up page

You will be greeted with a sign-up video which briefly explains how the cashback system works.

You will also be sent an email confirming your registration and be asked to set your password.

2. Search for “woolworths” using the Cashrewards search engine

Below the sign-up video, there will be a “Shop Now” button. Click on that to proceed to the Cashrewards member section.

Type “woolworths” into the search bar of Cashrewards and press Enter to confirm the search.

Click on “Shop Now” (red box) and consider saving it as a Favourite (light blue box) so you can easily access the link in the future without having to search for “Woolworths”

You will be redirected from a Cashrewards internal link that looks similar to https://www.cashrewards.com.au/go/woolworths-gift-cards-M?1001330, to a link that looks like https://everydaygiftcards.com.au/wowmoney/giftcards/member_landing.jsp

Meanwhile you will see the “splash” page below

4. Select “eGift Cards”

Notice in the top-left corner of the screenshot below it says “Cashrewards”. You are given two options here. Classic Gift Cards (i.e. physical gift cards) or eGift Cards.

Do not select physical gift cards as there is a delivery fee (whereas eGift Cards is free delivery – it’s just sent by email after all..)

5. Add eGift Card of your desired value to cart

Now you decide how much you want on your gift card. Type in the value, the desired quantity and then “Add to cart”

You can purchase gift cards of values between $5-500. I am not aware of any quantity limit – but just be aware that purchasing large volumes may raise a flag either on the Woolworths side or your Credit Card provider.

You have the option of picking what design you like. Trivial though..

You will now see the shopping cart in the top-right corner has a number corresponding to the number of gift cards you are purchasing.

Once you are ready to checkout, click on the shopping cart, then “Customise & Checkout”

6. Add Personal Details

The following page requests for personal details and asks for you to agree with Terms & Conditions. I won’t include a screenshot of this page..

The little green asterisks next to some of the fields indicate it is a compulsory field and cannot be left blank.

Once you are done, click “Next” at the bottom of the page.

7. Select “Email the cards to me”, and fill in the “From” field with your name

8. Pay

The final step before receiving your eGift Card.

Enter in your card payment details. Your card details will be remembered for future purchases.

A couple of great things exist through this payment portal from a payment perspective:

  • You can pay with any Credit Card without any surcharge, including American Express
  • These Gift Card transactions are tagged as “Supermarket” transactions, which means bonus points if you use a card that gives you bonus points for Supermarket expenditure
  • The purchase of these Gift Cards are not counted as “Cash Advances” – I have seen this asked a few times and can definitely confirm it is treated as a standard purchase, which means you will get your Credit Card points and be eligible for interest free days

9. You will receive an invoice with an Order #, and the eGift Card will typically arrive in your Inbox within 3 hours

The email containing the eGift card has a subject of “Woolworths eGift Card”.

Inside the email, you will find a link to the eGift card.

10. View the eGift Card Details – save it into the Woolworths Money app

The link will open up the details of your eGift Card, and you can type this information directly into the Woolworths Money app which I highly recommend for helping you keep track of your balances and expiry

If you are doing this on your phone, you may be given the option of opening the link in the Woolworths Money app [Android/iOS] directly, which saves you from having to type the numbers into the app. Do this if you’re given the option, as it’ll definitely save you some time!

11. Pay at one of the participating stores!

Upon payment, simply say you are paying by “e-Gift Card” – you will then be prompted to enter in the Gift Card number (“In-Store”, from screenshot above) followed by the PIN.

If you are paying using the self check-out machine, select the “eGift Card” option. See photo.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do I have to use up the balance all at once?
  • A: No – you can use it multiple times until you run out of credit

  • Q: How long does it typically take to receive the eGift Cards?

  • A: About 2-3 hours, from my personal experience

  • Q: What if my total transaction cost is more than the remaining balance of the eGift Card?

  • A: You can pay for the remaining balance either with another eGift Card, or with an alternative payment method (Cash or Card)

  • Q: What if I do not receive my eGift card within 24 hours?

  • A: Fill in the form via the “Contact Us” section of everydaygiftcards.com.au (bottom right corner of the website). I would recommend you include your order number to make it easier for the person assisting you. From personal experience, I have found their customer service to be adequate.

  • Q: Can I convert it to a physical Woolworths/WISH Gift Card?

  • A: Technically no, in the sense that their T&Cs typically say “you cannot convert Gift Cards to Gift Cards”, but the system does not prevent you from paying for a Gift Card with a Gift Card. This may be useful because from anecdotal stories, you will have greater acceptance of physical Woolworths Gift Cards at some Caltex/Woolworths stores (i.e. some Caltex/Woolworths locations accept physical Woolworths Gift Cards but not eGift Cards).

  • Q: Can I purchase JB Hi-Fi, Hoyts, Event Cinemas, Freedom Furniture, Facebook, Skype, iTunes, Best Restaurants Gift Cards with eGift Cards?

  • A: Technically no, in the sense that their T&Cs typically say “you cannot convert Gift Cards to Gift Cards”, but the system allows you to pay for a Gift Card with a Gift Card. This can be seen as an effective 5% off shops for which Woolworths sell Gift Cards for!

  • Q: What is the expiry date of the eGift Cards?

  • A: 12 months from purchase (or activation) – but I have personal experience of having used an eGift Card a few days after expiry and it worked, despite the Woolworths Money app also being aware that it had expired.

  • Q: Can I still earn Woolworths Rewards points on purchases?

  • A: Yes because this is merely a payment method

  • Q: Can I still use Staff Discount on my transactions?

  • A: Yes because this is merely a payment method

  • Q: Can I also use 4c off/litre discounts at Caltex/Woolworths?

  • A: Yes because this is merely a payment method

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