Coles Credit Cards

The Coles Mastercards include a feature that allows you claim the price difference if an item you buy goes on sale within 2 years. That’s pretty special!

Credit Cards give you “free money”

You might be missing out on several hundreds of dollars of cash every year if you aren’t using a Credit Card to pay for everything. Rewards Points can not only buy you flights, but also Gift Cards to directly offset the cost of groceries. You can do this all by paying for everything on your Credit Card. Just make sure you’re not paying any interest..

Best Cards for Travelling

You’re going to want a card that doesn’t “penalise” you for making purchases overseas. The 28 Degrees is an incredibly popular card for this purpose, but there are several other cards that have come up over the years which I believe are better alternatives to the 28 Degrees.

Blogging Schedule, Posting Style, Content, New Features

The Bulging Wallet – Why, Blogging Schedule, Posting Style, Content, New Features Hope everyone is having a great Monday! Given that everything on The Bulging Wallet is still fresh and new, I thought I’d just make a separate post which outlines what my intentions are with the blog, my blogging schedule, posting style, content of my posts, and new features […]