[Singapore] Discounted Grab Promo Codes @ Lazada

[Singapore] Discounted Grab Promo Codes @ Lazada

Before the MilesLife stuff began to surface, I wrote a couple of posts about how to get Grab Promo codes for a discounted price.

Let’s continue. This time with Lazada.

Interestingly, I’ve just gone back to read back my Shopee post and I mentioned I couldn’t find any Grab promo codes for sale on Lazada or Qoo10. Lazada definitely has some. Use the search term “grab promo”.

First line of search results on Lazada for “grab promo”

However, the percentage discount, at the time of writing, is inferior to the permanently available 14% off promo codes of Shopee.

The available discounts on Lazada for Grab promo codes are currently:

  • 5%
  • 10%
  • 12%
  • 13%

So just buy from Shopee since the discount on Lazada is inferior?

It depends. All things being equal – of course. It’s a no brainer.

Firstly, nothing is permanent in life right? Sellers on Shopee and Lazada may make adjustments to the discount percentage of the Grab promo codes. This is me telling you to check before taking my word for it that Lazada codes give a smaller discount than Shopee codes. Just because it’s true at the time of writing, doesn’t mean it’s true forever!

Secondly, there may actually be reasons why you would want to buy from Lazada over Shopee, even if Shopee gives a larger discount.

  1. A platform like Shopback/Rebate Mango are offering a larger cashback on Lazada than Shopee, such that the effective price per promo code is cheaper on Lazada
  2. You have a Lazada-specific promo, like me! My American Express KrisFlyer and True Cashback cards both got targeted with a Lazada-specific promo. The promo is as follows:
    • Get $8 back up to 2 times until 30 June 2019. Eligible for spend on lazada.sg or via the Lazada app.
    • What is extremely appealing about this deal is that there is no stated minimum spend. If I’m interpreting this correctly, even a purchase of a $2 Grab promo code will get you a $8 Statement Credit, effectively costing you negative $6 (i.e. you’re getting paid $6)
    • AMEX Statement Credits in Singapore, from my experience thus far, work in the exact same way as they do in Australia. I talk a little bit about how it works here.
  3. Certain Credit Cards may give you a different miles earn rate and/or cashback at Lazada than they do at Shopee. I don’t know the specific earn rates of Credit Cards well enough yet, but it’s something to be mindful of. Again, as above, things can and will change!
  4. Are you a LiveUp member? LiveUp is a paid membership ($28.80 for first year, $49.90/yr beyond) which gives you some member benefits. As a member, you get an additional 5% rebate on every Lazada order, capped at $30/month. This alone might be enough of a reason to swing the pendulum in the favour of Lazada over Shopee! You are also entitled to get a $3 Grab promo code for every non-promo ride…
    • The free $3 Grab promo code may actually also affect your behaviour of these deals. To effectively use it, you need to take at least two rides (as you need to take one ride to even get the $3 promo code). I haven’t fully worked out how to optimise this, but I will be looking into this, as I recently signed up for a free LiveUp trial.

Personally, I have only bought from Shopee so far. My impression of Shopee/Lazada/Qoo10 is that they are all quite similar, so considering I have had the confidence to buy from Shopee, I similarly have no hesitations with recommending purchasing these from Lazada (or Qoo10 – if they sell them!).

Again, another brief post about how to save money off what, for a number of people, is non-discretionary expenditure in Singapore!

Comments? Corrections? Typos? Comment below!

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