[Asia] 迈生活 MilesLife is not dead. But Things Aren’t Looking Positive…

[Asia] 迈生活 MilesLife is not dead. But Things Aren’t Looking Positive…

Last time I posted, I wrote about MilesLife and how it seemed they may have been on the verge of death.

MilesLife responded on their Facebook page with an official statement in response to news that had leaked.

Milelion has written about his take on the MilesLife situation, so I’ll try not to overlap.

What hasn’t been mentioned there is that Singapore Airlines have suspended their partnership with MilesLife with “immediate effect” from 22 April 2019 “until further notice”.

Considering their huge presence in Asia, and especially Singapore, having one of the largest partners suspend their partnership with MilesLife absolutely does not give MilesLife a good look.

I highly recommend you try to use any credit you have in the app as soon as possible. There is the possibility that you may encounter issues with merchant acceptance, as merchants are likely to be similarly alarmed, but I can only suggest you try. Other ideas to use up the credit would be to purchase items within the app, however, I understand that the catalogue of items may also have been reduced.

In any case, act quickly. MilesLife were never the biggest e-wallet player. Merchant acceptance of MilesLife has paled in comparison to GrabPay and FavePay, and their outlook certainly is not looking any brighter.

To me, all they’re good for at the moment is to help me keep my Qantas Frequent Flyer balance active through the miniscule amount of points earned from 7 consecutive daily check-ins!

I did, however, spot a merchant in Hong Kong, “Awesome Tea” or 了不起 in Chinese, who still had a small banner up suggesting acceptance of MileLife..

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