[MY/SG] Grab CNY 2019 Promo is Over – Here’s How I Went…

[MY/SG] Grab CNY 2019 Promo is Over – Here’s How I Went…

I posted about the Grab Chinese New Year 2019 promo 2 weeks ago which is actually not new, but it’s my first time, seeing as I’m new to the country!

How did it go? In summary, not that well. Did I expect anything better? Not necessarily. I knew the “minimum guaranteed” reward was reasonably low. Does it make sense for a company to give out an extremely generous offer? Not on a large scale. Keep in mind that this was available to everyone. Even if I tell you now that I got a $288 reward 5x times doesn’t suddenly make it an amazing overall promotion, particularly if all you were getting was $0.08s.

Amongst my 3-4 friends that were actively participating as well, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that received anything other than $0.08!

Here’s how it turned out for me. I participated everyday of the promotion, and I estimate that I made use of about 90% of the available 8x daily slots I had on 2 accounts.

  • I received $0.08 every single time except twice.
  • I received $0.38 once (I forgot what angbao I sent though…)
  • I received $18 once (for sending a $10 angbao)

The promotion lasted 15 days. Based on the above figures, I sent approximately 216 angbaos and received $0.08 214 times. Based on my sample size, there was a 0.9% chance of getting something other than $0.08.

I therefore earned ~$35.50 in Grab credits, with the $18 reward making up almost 50% of my entire winnings!

I think I made it pretty clear in my previous post that this was never an incredible deal (besides for lucky buggers who actually got $288), particularly for the required effort. This promotion was akin to gambling, with a significant difference being that you were guaranteed to not lose.. unless you sent an angbao to the wrong number, or you sent an angbao to an untrustworthy friend!

I should have mentioned it in my previous post, but this kind of promotion would’ve been a great situation for Splitwise to help you keep track of debts between you and your friends. It certainly came in handy for me.

Will I participate next year? If I feel like I’ve got nothing better to do, sure.

I could always make myself feel better by reminding myself that by sending the minimum amount ($1), the potential return was 8%, which is not bad by any means. That’s basically getting 8% of immediate interest.

On the other hand, the Malaysian version of the promotion was a real letdown, as the GrabRewards points reward was only avaiable for three times over the duration of the entire promotion, as opposed to the Singapore version, which had a daily quota.

How did you go? Have I missed anything?

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