Discounted Air-Con Servicing via Fave for Rental Properties

[Singapore] How to Get Discounted Quarterly Air-Con Servicing via Fave for Rental Properties (~$13.33/unit/quarter, instead of $30+/unit/quarter)

Deal Rating: 10/10 only if it is relevant to you. Wait – that’s how most deals work right..? Ok fine, 5/10. In absolute terms, it saves you a fair amount of money, but it’s probably not that relevant to a huge proportion of the population and it only saves you money once per quarter.

Those of you who live in Singapore and rent a place are probably aware that you typically need to service your air-conditioners once every 3 months.

When I was first told about this, it sounded a little strange, but it seems like it’s common practice here. I was told that it typically costs about $30 per unit per quarter.

I’ve got 3 units – so that should cost me $90 per quarter. It doesn’t break the bank wallet, but it doesn’t mean I’m not gonna go find a way to save money on it. It is, after all, for those it is relevant to, an example of a non-discretionary expense

I’ve previously written about Fave, and it’s quickly becoming one of my more commonly used apps in Singapore. Speaking of which – that Fave post is probably due for a refresh soon, especially seeing as GrabPay can now be used as a funding source via Fave!

In a nutshell, Fave is an app that allows you to pay a merchant and earn merchant-specific cashback. Merchant-specific cashback means you earn a cashback amount which can be used only at that same merchant, or any variants of that merchant in other locations.

However, Fave also has another part to their app, which is probably better explained by my post about Groupon. That’s because Fave (in South East Asia) used to actually be Groupon. The post I’ve linked to is Groupon in the context of Australia – but it’s just an explanation of how Groupon works for the consumer – you.

To save you from having to click to that post, Groupons (or Faves) are effectively digital coupons you (usually) have to pay for upfront which typically entitle you to an amount greater than what you paid. As a simple example, this could be a Fave deal which costs you $10, but entitles you to spend up to $20 at FairPrice.

This is what this particular post is about – there are deals on air-conditioner servicing on Fave! I’ve used it once, and am about to use it a second time (different merchnat) as I’m approaching the end of my second quarter in Singapore.

How to Find The Fave Air-Conditioner Servicing Deal

  1. Open your Fave app, or go to if you are on a desktop
  2. In the search section, type “air con”, then search.
  3. This is what currently appears
  4. I look for a couple of things here:
    1. Price (duh)
    2. Number of units the service includes
    3. T&Cs around usage (e.g. expiry date? weekdays only? only until 6pm? certain brands excluded? surcharges on special services?) – i.e. find one that suits your schedule
    4. Number of purchases thus far
  5. Once I’ve decided on which Fave I wish to buy, I then look for any concurrent Fave promo code which applies to Fave deals. These are typically sent to you by email, pop up in the app, or appear on Cheapcheaplah (here’s a link to searching for “Fave” on Cheapcheaplah)
  6. As an example, at the time I bought this deal, I combined it with 20% cashback sitewide, which gave me $8 in Fave Credit to use at any merchant that accepts Fave.

I’ve effectively paid $10.66/unit (or ~65% less than $30/unit) for this upcoming quarter for my air-con servicing.

Even without the 20% cashback, at $40 for 3 units, it’s still a deal! If you’re thinking that this might be a temporary deal, it might be temporary from this specific merchant, but I’ve seen this deal (or similar) for the last few months appear on my Fave app.

Are there any pros/cons in doing this? I can’t really think of any. You get to use Fave and earn a combination of GrabRewards, Credit Card points, and potentially Fave cashback – that’s a pretty formidable combination!

… but let me know if there’s anything I’ve missed.

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