MilesLife – 12 Days of Christmas – Free Miles & Top Ups!

MilesLife – 12 Days of Christmas – Free Miles & Free Top Ups (until 25 Dec)

Deal Rating: 8/10 – because it’s easy to understand, easy to follow and easy to do – but it’s not particularly lucrative and it’s quite short-lived.

Short but sweet deal – valid until 25 Dec 2018.

Free miles, free MilesLife credit – not much needs to be explained here!

I’ve previously posted about MilesLife here.

Think of it like ShopBack, but instead of earning cashback, you earn miles instead.

Is it better to earn miles instead of cashback? Not necessarily, basically it depends on how much the miles are worth relative to the amount of cashback you would otherwise be getting.

The various prizes you can earn are listed as:

  • Miles
  • Promo codes
  • MilesLife Credits
  • Restaurant Vouchers
  • Partners Shopping Vouchers

So far, I’ve won:

  • 15 Miles
  • $3 MilesLife Credit
  • Various Promo Codes (shown below)

Best deal I’ve won so far? $3 credit. Assuming a conservative valuation of 1pt = 1c, that’s the equivalent of 300 miles.

Getting 15 miles straight off the bat is cool, but is only 5% the value of the $3 credit (using the same valuation above).

The various promo codes really only come in handy if you use MilesLife regularly to pay for bills anyway. There seem to be a variety of promo codes. From what I can see, minimum spend and bonus miles vary. I can see the following:

  • Spend $9+, get 50 miles
  • Spend $19+, get 100 miles
  • Spend $29+, get 250 miles
  • Spend $89+, get 1000 miles

There are probably more, but this is all I can see for the timebeing.

How have I won so many? I’ve got multiple phones with multiple MilesLife accounts logged in (brother’s/sister’s/fiancĂ©e’s :D)

On a slightly negative note, it seems that this promo is preventing the ability to check in your steps. If I win $3 credit everyday, I’m definitely not complaining! Update the app, and a new option will appear under the “Account” section of the app called “Mileslife Health”. This is where your steps are now (temporarily?) located/tracked, but I don’t know about you – it’s not working for me (Android). Not able to redeem my steps – the app doesn’t seem to register my touch/tap at all… and yes I do have sufficient steps to get miles.

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