I’m Moving Overseas – What’s Next? Final Australian Post?

I’m Moving Overseas – What’s Next?

The Bulging Wallet has been on and off over the last few weeks as I’ve just been going through a pretty significant life change, so have had plenty to do.

I’m going to write up a summary of some of the more notable deals in recent times including long-term ones. I haven’t posted about everything, but let me know if there’s something you want me to write about.

  • (Ongoing) Free Burrito for First sign-up with Guzman Y Gomez app
  • (Ongoing) $10 off your first spend with Liven with a referral code (referral code must be applied within 7 days of opening an account). However, Liven have just today announced a new “currency” (as an alternative to their “Liven Credit”)
  • (Ongoing) Uber Driving to Work to make money on your commute.
  • 7-Eleven Fuel app “fuel hack” – to get cheap petrol prices all year round
  • Beem It! – $5 off for opening an account. You can also hit me up for a referral if you’d like to give me a bit of a reward! (I’ll get $4, you’ll effectively get $6 instead of $5 free)

On a more Personal Note…

After spending 16 years down under, I’m about to draw the curtains on what has been a thoroughly enjoyable, enriching and rewarding time in Australia. I’ve learnt so much from my peers, my friends and my family and grown immensely as a person (as you’d hope, really). I’ve become a massive tight ass and I’ve developed a sound financial understanding from Australia, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Ok. Enough of the personal emo spiel. I’m moving to Singapore!

What does that mean for The Bulging Wallet?

I haven’t yet decided what I’ll do, but I’ve had a great year. My highlights are:

I’ll be moving in about a week from now and have been spending the last 4-8 weeks packing, moving and so on, hence the lack of content from me here.

Will I convert The Bulging Wallet Australia to The Bulging Wallet Singapore? Maybe. This might just become a personal space for me to make posts like these rants. Will I keep trying to maintain The Bulging Wallet as The Bulging Wallet for Australian readers? Unlikely. It’ll be difficult not living here and trying to maintain it, but I’m still undecided. I’m going to have to decide soon though..

I’d love to hear your thoughts and I’d love to hear your ideas and what you’d like to see. Maybe something you’ve always wanted me to analyse or explain that you’ve never had the opportunity to read about. Feel free to contact me via the contact page, Facebook, or leave a comment.

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