Using Incognito Mode as an “Extra Browser”

Incognito Mode – Your “Extra Browser”

There are times when you need to login to an extra account on a website which doesn’t ordinarily allow you to login to two different accounts as once. Some prominent examples are Facebook, LinkedIn, Hotmail, or Web Whatsapp.

However, did you know that Incognito Mode is not just your browser to hide your history, but is also handy for being able to login to additional accounts?

Simply opening a new window (Ctrl+N) does not help – try it for yourself – it’ll just log you right into the account you’re already logged into.

However, open an Incognito Window (Ctrl+Shift+N) on Chrome works. This mode exists on virtually all of the popular modern browsers, including Brave, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Opera.

Another handy trick is using Incognito mode to bypass Sydney Morning Herald’s restriction of 30 free articles per calendar month. This works on mobile as well as PC.

Opening an additional incognito browser does not help though. It will simply open up the account that you had already used to login to the other incognito browser.

By extension, another way you could login to a different account is by downloading another browser. But why download another browser when you could just use your existing one?

That’s my short post for this week! Incognito – your spare browser.

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