Taxify (Uber Competitor) – $20 off First Ride

Taxify – $20 Off Your First Ride

I’m generally a big fan of competition.

Whilst Uber has technically had competition in Australia in the form of GoCatch, no one really knew them. My blog was also (and probably still is) too insignificant to have helped it gain any significant traction. Despite being affiliated with our national airline Qantas and being able to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points on every GoCatch ride, I don’t think they were able to gain anything close to a stranglehold of the Australian ride sharing market. I feel their marketing left a lot to be desired. I’m no marketing expert, but clearly something wasn’t right..!

Anyway, GoCatch and Uber both have competition now in the form of Taxify. They’re a European based ride sharing company who recently launched in Sydney (in December) and in Melbourne (January).

They’re currently doing a promotion, similar to what Uber used to often when they were new too. Dollars off your first ride!

The current promotion, which as usual, has been posted on Ozbargain allows you get $20 off your first ride. You’ll need to add a verified Credit Card payment method to avail this $20 promotion.

There’s also currently 25% off all rides in Sydney and 40% off in Melbourne. Amazingly, you can combine your $20 off code with the percentage discount!

I haven’t taken a trip yet, but from what I can see, the interface is simple and easy enough to use. Punch in your pick-up point, destination, you’ll get an estimated fare, and make sure you have an electronic payment method saved.

Key differences between Uber and Taxify:

  • Uber charges the passenger waiting fees and cancellation fees (after a certain amount of time has passed).
  • Uber has surge pricing
  • Whilst Taxify does have surge pricing, it is capped at 25%
  • Uber offers the ability to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points on trips to/from certain Australian airports.
  • I would imagine whilst Taxify is still relatively new, you’ll have a smaller pool of drivers which may mean longer waiting times.

Have you taken a Taxify yet? Share your experiences below!

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