FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch/PS3/PS4/XB1 for $37 @ JB Hi-Fi until Jan 1

Updated: 27 December 2017 – it has been brought to my attention that Big W have a similar sale for FIFA 18 at even cheaper price of $35! I can only find the PS4 and Switch version though. Don’t forget you can still use your discounted eGift Cards to buy these too!

FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch/PS3/PS4/XB1 for $37.05 from JB Hi-Fi

Here’s a bit of a different post from me whilst I’m on holiday. Bit more of a hobby/interest specific one this time, but it’ll be short and sweet – I promise.

FIFA 18 on all the major consoles for an effective $37 (ok, $37.05 to be exact, but I trust you’ll forgive me for the $0.05 rounding) at JB Hi-Fi. This price is valid until 1 Jan 2018, and courtesy of Ozbargain. This is available for the following consoles:

This is a great price for a pretty popular game that is no more than a few months old.

To get this for the effective price of $37.05, you need to purchase discounted Woolworths WISH eGift Cards to purchase the JB Hi-Fi Gift Cards at Woolworths. I’d also recommend that instead of buying “JB Hi-Fi Gift Cards” that you instead buy “Ultimate Kids Gift Cards” as these are actually more versatile.

Ultimate Kids Gift Cards come in $30 and $50 denomintaions and can be used at the following stores:

  • Rebel
  • Toys R Us
  • Dymocks
  • JB Hi-Fi
  • Amart Sports
  • Cotton On Kids

My personal recommendation is to buy a $50 Woolworths WISH eGift Card for $47.50 and use that to pay for a $50 Ultimate Kids Gift Card. Use this to purchase FIFA 18 for $39 (effective discount of 5% equals $37.05). You’ll be left with $11 that you can spend at any of the stores above. If you’d rather not have to worry about using up a Gift Card, then just buy it direct from JB Hi-Fi at $39 (still a great price!).

An additional benefit of the discounted Woolworths eGift card approach is that you can use an AMEX card to pay giving you full AMEX points in addition to the 5% discount. Keep in mind JB Hi-Fi actually surcharge AMEX cards and this allows you to avoid that!

Woolworths don’t allow you to purchase Gift Cards with Gift Cards

Whilst this is actually somewhat true, there is nothing stopping the system from accepting such a transaction. Ideally, you’ll want to do this via the self checkout machines as this shouldn’t require any human interaction, but in most cases even if it does, the attendants often don’t care enough to tell you not to do so. If they do, try again at a different time or try another Woolworths.. or just forego the 5% discount. $39 is still a great price!

My experience and from what I’ve seen of the self checkout machines with updated software, these will require an attendant to approve your purchase of a gift card, but they generally won’t actually stick around to oversee the entire transaction. On the other hand, older machines do not prompt you to call an attendant over at any point in time to complete Gift Card transaction where the Gift Card has a pre-determined value (as is the case here). What I can tell you is that it’s much easier to purchase Gift Cards with Gift Cards from Wolworths as opposed to Coles!

Anyway, this is a topic for another post. I won’t go into too much detail about this, but yes it is arguable that there is a small element of luck involved in being able to get this smoothly at the effective price of $37.05.

Merry Christmas everyone. FIFA is a great game and $39 is a great price! Let me know how you go with your purchase in the comments below or on Facebook!

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