Birthday? Check out these deals!

If it’s your birthday, you’re in for a treat..!

There are lots of restaurants that offer freebies on and around your birthday. However, it’s best you prepare in advance because a lot of them won’t offer the freebies if you sign up too close to your birthday.

Some of the “freebies” may require a paid membership, so are not technically freebies. Some are delivered via SMS, snail mail, or just stored in a digital membership or loyalty card.

I’m not going to list every. single. deal. available to you because there are actually a lot.

An example of some of the more prominent, or in my opinion valuable places are as follows:

  • Subway: Free 6-inch + 600mL drink/water on your birthday or +/- 3 days
  • Bondi Pizza [SYD]: Free main meal up to $27 value
  • Bankstown RSL [SYD]: Free buffet meal [$11 for one year membership, or $20 for 5 years]
  • Chatime: Free drink [$0.50 membership fee]
  • AMF Bowling: Free game of bowling
  • Priceline: $5 voucher with no minimum spend. Free toothpaste/toothbrush/dental floss?

Check the Ozbargain list for the full list of places.

Make sure you sign up well in advance!

By taking advantage of these deals, you could very likely get a large proportion of your meals on and around your birthday for free.

Example “itinerary” in a potential birthday week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Lunch Bankstown RSL Buffet Le Wrap Lone Star Rib House Bondi Pizza Chatswood RSL Red Rooster Nando’s
Dessert Chatime Jamaica Blue Twisted (Froyo) Doughnut Time Boost Juice Jamaica Blue Baskin Robbins
Dinner Subway Salsa’s (Burrito) Sumo Salad Chat Thai Ribs & Rumps Waterfront Grill Oporto
Dessert Gelatissimo Muffin Break Passionflower Krispy Kreme Original (4 pack) San Churro Shingle Inn Starbucks

Here are some assumptions of this itinerary:

  • You are in Sydney
    • Some of the offers are nationwide (e.g. Boost, Subway), but as I am Sydney based it was easier to compile a Sydney based itinerary
  • Thursday is your actual birthday
  • The whole week sits within one calendar month
  • I have not checked the details of each of the offers. Some may not be available on certain days of the week (e.g. not valid on Fridays, not valid for Fri-Sun dinner) so you will need to check these individually
  • You have signed up for membership where necessary to obtain the relevant voucher

My personal favourites:

  • Bondi Pizza make pretty good food
  • Krispy Kreme is always good!
  • The Bankstown RSL Buffet offers a pretty good selection of food and is actually not that expensive anyway, so it wouldn’t be a bad choice of venue for a meal out with friends too
  • Muffin Break muffins are tasty
  • Everyone loves a Boost
  • And Subway.

Have a great birthday everyone 🙂

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