$30 one-off to a charity for a Grill’d burger everyday until Oct 10?

Disclaimer: I am purely looking at this from a “deal” perspective. I’ll leave it to you to determine whether or not you wish to support this charity or how much you wish to donate. Regardless, to be able to get the burgers, you must donate a minimum or $30 to the “Polished Man” campaign.

$30 for a Grill’d burger everyday until Oct 10

At the time of reading, you should be able to get 5x burgers (Oct 6-10) for a grand total of $30. This is a pretty good deal considering the burgers are generally ~$14 each. In addition, you’re donating to a charity so there’s a bit of a feel-good factor.. and Grill’d has pretty tasty burgers!!

Personally, I value the burgers at about $10 each. With this valuation in mind, as long as you go on at least 3 separate days, you’ve got your moneys worth!

As usual, I first spotted this over on Ozbargain

In summary, here’s what you need to do and what you get:

  • Open an Individual Polished Man account
  • Opt-in to receive marketing/promotional material (it’ll be a checkbox option when signing up)
  • Donate $30 (or more if you wish) – ensure this amount appears on your own profile after you have donated.
    • They accept AMEX 🙂
  • You’ll receive one QR code everyday at 9am which allows you to redeem a free burger at Grill’d
  • You’ll be asked to show a single fingernail painted
    • For women who have fingernails already painted, you’ll need to show a nail painted in a different colour

Other little things to be aware of..

  • Dine-in only
    • Theoretically, you could just wrap up your burger in a paper towel and leave. I assume the dine-in rule is to encourage you to order sides like fries and drinks.
  • Each QR code expires at 11:59pm on the day it is issued
    • Most stores close before that.. so consider the expiry to be the closing time of your usual Grill’d branch
    • This means you cannot save a code to have a Lunch and Dinner on one day
  • Available at all Grill’d branches
  • I believe all Grill’d branches will have nail polish for this event, so don’t stress about getting your nail painted beforehand
  • The donation might be tax deductible, but it’s best you get your own professional tax advice.
    • I have some doubts as you technically aren’t able to get a tax deduction on a donation if you get something in return.

I may have some spares to give out if I don’t dine every night.

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