Spend $50+, get $20 cashback using Dimmi & American Express (Oct ’17)


When there are promotional offers, you simply want to calculate whether the points (or cashback, in the example above) as a result of the promotion give you the greatest “reward” relative to your other booking options (through the other platforms).

The current promotion is you make a $50+ payment on your American Express Card and you’ll get a $20 cashback. You’ll need to have made a reservation for a restaurant via Dimmi, an American Express Card linked to your Dimmi account, and to pay with that American Express Card.

Here’s an example of a Qantas Restaurants promotion

Here’s a list of historical Dimmi deals. Note that these actually come up relatively often, compared to Qantas Restaurants promotions!

I have yet to see a promotion of this nature from Velocity OpenTable!

Read on for an elaboration of the current promotion.

I’ve often spoken about why I think American Express cards offer great value. Here is an example of an American Express promotion in conjuction with Dimmi that supports my theory!

Following on from last week’s post about earning points on meal reservations, promotions such as the ones discussed below may dictate your behaviour as to which platform you wish to make your reservation through.

This promotion, valid until October 22 is as follows:

  • Spend $50+ using a linked American Express Credit Card at a restaurant after making a reservation at the same restaurant on Dimmi and you’ll earn yourself a $20 cashback.


  • A Dimmi account
  • An American Express Credit Card
  • A reservation at a restaurant on Dimmi
  • Payment at the restaurant using an American Express Credit Card that you have linked in your Dimmi Profile

This means where possible, you would make your booking over Dimmi as the $20 cashback you earn would be worth more than the points you would earn via either Qantas Restaurants (100 Qantas points/diner) or Velocity OpenTable (300 Velocity Points/booking).

Ideas to maximise this promotion:

  • Break a $100 bill into 2x $50 payments on the same card – it is possible that this may allow you to get 2x $20 credits
    • I haven’t personally tried this and can’t find any comments suggesting that this has actually been successfully done, but just an idea.
    • I believe this is likely to work because I believe the “trigger” for initiating the cashback is simply that you have your American Express Card linked to your Dimmi account, and you have a $50+ transaction within the qualifying period.
    • Unlike other promotions of this nature, it is not stated that each card is limited to one credit
    • However, it is also not possible for you to know if you’re within the first 15k cards (the limit) to make a payment using this promotion
  • Use an Entertainment Book voucher
  • If you already have enough Dimmi points to redeem a $20 voucher, this can be combined with this promotion

Promotional Offers from Dimmi/Qantas Restaurants/AMEX

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