Blogging Schedule, Posting Style, Content, New Features

The Bulging Wallet – Why, Blogging Schedule, Posting Style, Content, New Features

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

Given that everything on The Bulging Wallet is still fresh and new, I thought I’d just make a separate post which outlines what my intentions are with the blog, my blogging schedule, posting style, content of my posts, and new features which I hope to implement in the future.

Why did I make The Bulging Wallet?

I made The Bulging Wallet because I am known by my peers and those closest to me as being someone particularly frugal with money. I am often asked for recommendations and/or to find deals on particular items. As it has come to a point where I have developed quite a strong reputation, I felt it was about time that I made a blog so I could share this with a much larger audience in a much quicker period of time.

In addition to this, I love doing this and I find it great fun!


I intend to make one post per week at the beginning of every week on Monday, between the hours of 9am-12pm.

Once in a while, I may make two posts per week where the second post will be posted randomly at some point during the week. This is more likely to happen if I have stumbled upon something exciting which I cannot wait to share.

Posting Style

As has been the case so far with my posts thus far, I intend to have a fairly casual posting style with a personal touch. I am not intending for my audience or readers to necessarily see me as a professional dressed in a tie and suit providing their expert opinion on subject matters; rather, I’m an average guy just like any of you who enjoys finding deals, services, products, apps, Credit Cards, that offer substantial value. Besides – that’s really what I am. This is not my job (at the moment, at least) – it’s only a hobby!

In addition to this, I intend to have a summary/TLDR on almost all of my posts, as I understand that a long post can get boring. I will be experimenting on whether this should be at the top or bottom of my post


The majority of my content so far has been on relatively unknown (smaller) businesses that I believe offer value in particularly niche markets.

I have also mentioned in one of my earliest posts that one of my focuses on this blog would be about Credit Cards, yet I haven’t really posted about them yet! These posts will come in due time and I will definitely be discussing them in more detail.

New Features

Looking forward, I would like to implement the following:

  • A “rating” system rating a few different parameters of some of the deals/businesses/apps I share, such as
    • Ease of access
    • Complexity
    • “Dodginess”
    • Versatility
    • Value
    • Time worthiness
  • An excel-like table with a list of my posts, sortable by categories, tags, and the ratings shown above
  • Random Quote feature – where some quotes will have an elaboration of the meaning behind it. The quotes will all be money based quotes.
  • A community where like-minded people can discuss stuff I post about

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