The Bulging Wallet Is Born!

My First Post

Firstly, welcome to The Bulging Wallet. If you wish to find out more about me, who I am and why I decided to make this blog, please check out the About Me page. I hope the tips that I share will contribute to making your wallet bulge over the coming years.

I intend to share tips on how to save money living in Australia across a very broad range of ways. However, a lot of my posts are likely to be linked to Credit Cards due to my familiarity and passion for Credit Cards. I will also talk generically about things most people can relate to. This may include Phone Bills, Electricity, Gas, Airfares, Frequent Flyer Points, Petrol, Food, Groceries.

I will touch on some psychological aspects of saving money, as well as behavioural aspects.

I intend to install a “random quote” feature once I figure out how to do that. These quotes are likely to be money-related posts.

On most of my posts, particularly long ones, I will usually include a summary or a TL;DR, which stands for “Too Long; Didn’t Read” of the article which picks out the key points.

I am very open to comments being left on anything on this website which you can leave comments on, so please feel free to comment! The way I see the comments is that they’re a way for you to communicate with me directly – whether it be in the form of asking a question in the post, thanking me for some useful information, or feedback, whether positive or negative on what you liked/disliked.

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